Mediterranean Cultural Garden Style

When we look for houses as customer’s relocation places, somehow specific house properties and their landscapes stood out to me more than others


Even now, one of my favorite house gardens is saved on my desktop and I peak at it from time to time. Gravitating towards Mediterranean gardening beats all other contenders in my book. Perhaps, its due to the European roots that I grew up with, or it is due to it’s aesthetic beauty.


Cultural Inspiration of Mediterranean Gardens



Adding plants from different parts of the world can do wonders for a garden. It might be that you are fond of relaxing English ornaments such as water features, or that you are more interested in an Eastern zen, such as small statues of Buddha, or perhaps even a raked stoned garden section for a zen peace of mind. You may choose to forgo wooden fences in exchange for metal grated stone collections, which can lend your garden texture and beauty. Moreover, every time you step outside, it will transport your mind into another part of this earth.


You may decide to include beautiful Mediterranean inspiration such as cypress trees, rosemary herbs that can serve as hedges, citrus trees or even grapes. Sometimes the vines that grow on structures, such as grapes add texture, memories and of course delicious sweet fruit, as a yummy reward.  beautiful cohesive design. Perhaps, you may choose to fuse many different cultures into one, practice minimalism through this lens, or simply take small inspirational matters such as color, shape and the sort of plants you may feature in your beautiful green space to create a flowing cohesive design.


What matters most of all is how your garden reflects YOUR personality and tastes.  Be brave, stay confident, share your own spirit and ideas in your yard, as your creativity blooms through the process.  Your green space will flourish as your love for the gardening hobby and so will your soul.


Lighting Matters

If you’re hoping to grow vegetables from seeds, it might be worth constructing a small plant seedlings startup space with installed LED grow lights to help your seeds or seedlings spruce up efficiently, safely and consistently. Lighting matters, not only in your interiors but especially in your garden beginnings. Experiment with placement, colors, and utility, and you’ll be on the way to a very productive and vital garden.


Hope this post will help you find some fun decorating ideas for your own garden and will make it a very tranquil place to visit and relax.


Have a very green day, my dear friends.


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