Mediterranean Food Lovers: DIY menu II

How to cook the very popular Valencian Paella?

Again, following a GASMA (Gastronomy & Culinary Management Campus) advice for a Mediterranean Menu. GASMA is part of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University and one of the most important referential centres for the Mediterranean way of cooking in Castellón – Valencia – Spain.

As we saw in our previous post regarding starters for this main course, the second part of this amazing experience will introduce you to the secrets of an authentic Paella.

Main Course: Paella Valenciana

The main course of our Mediterranean menu is a Valencian Paella and we will teach you on how to get the real one.




400g rice, 600g chicken, 400g pork ribs, 300g green beans, 200g butter beans, 200g olive oil, 20g paprika, 150g grated tomato, garlic 2 cloves, 1g saffron, 3l water, rosemary 1 twig, 3g food colouring.


  • Heat oil in the pan. Dice chicken and pork ribs and season with salt. Add meats to the pan and fry until golden
  • Add green beans and fry over medium heat. When the vegetables are golden, add garlic and saute being careful not to burn the garlic
  • When the garlic is golden brown, add paprika and saute just for a few seconds. Pour grated tomato to stop the frying process and start cooking
  • Add water and cook over medium heat until the broth has the desired taste
  • Add butter beans (previously hydrated)
  • Let it cook and add saffron
  • When the water has reduced to the right amount, add the broth (usually around 3 parts broth to 1 part rice), add colourant, saffron and salt. Finally, add the rice
  • Boil over high heat for 5-8 minutes. Reduce the heat to medium-low until the end of cooking time. The rice must be dry (around 15 total boiling time)
  • Add the rosemary twig and let the rice rest for a period of 5 minutes (with or without a lid, depending on the cooking point of the rice)


Just done! You can add some lemon slices for those who love the lemon taste.

We recommend completing the menu with a good Valencian wine. These regional wines achive a high quality / price ratio.

You can see some valencian region wines in the lowcost wine guide

Now, you are ready to enjoy your main course after those typical starters we prepared in our previous post. Now, you are ready to taste the flavor of the Mediterranean typical food. Enjoy it!



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